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Something Plucking Good is Coming

Something Plucking Good is Coming

We are about to enter a new phase in the Guitar Making Revolution – To sum up in a nutshell:

In a month or so will be refreshed with a new look and feel. The main thing you might notice apart from the stunning appearance is that Lifetime Access will no longer be available.

Don’t Panic…

If you already have Lifetime Access or sign up to any of our courses before ‘the switch’ then this will not affect you – but after this ‘Lifetime Access’ will no longer be available. You can Join for FREE or become a supporter or Premium Member to unlock our Guitar Making Courses, bonus videos, and Pattern Library.

Here’s what’s coming…

  • Our very own Guitar Making Forum
  • A New Bolt On Neck Course
  • Live Demo’s and Q+A
  • Featured Builds
  • More Patterns and Plans
  • Guitar Making Hero Rewards

As you may or not know – I built the entire website on my own – my aim was to enable as many people as possible to build guitars – it started as a hobby but has got way out of hand!

The success of the site has enabled me to employ a team to re-create and run the website so I can now fully concentrate on making new guitar making videos.

There is going to be a brief interlude (a few weeks) but when the new site is launched I hope you will like what you see and the wait will be worth it!

It’s all down to your support and that of others like you so I have to finish by saying THANKS for helping us to get this far and as usual I am here to answer your questions…

Cheers Mark


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