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Build Your Own Guitar - Make Your Own History!

Since 1998 we have enabled over 400 students, from ages 11 to 70, with no previous experience to build their own guitars.

This is a unique and inspiring course

In this course Mark Bailey takes you through the process of building an electric guitar.

The whole process of building a guitar is chopped into 50 to 60 jobs needed to build a guitar. By doing that Mark has made building a guitar a manageable matter for anyone who has never built a guitar. Every single job is clearly demonstrated and explained. He also shows you the jigs used for building a guitar and how to make them. This course shows that Mark is not only a very expierenced luthier, but also an experienced and talented teacher. I have enjoyd every minute of this course and although English is not my mother tongue, I had no trouble at all understanding the lectures. For anyone who wants to build his own guitar, apart from doing a course at Mark’s workshop in Scotland, this on line course is the best option to give it at try at home. I certainly will!

Build Your Own Guitar and Design Your Own Guitar

The content is comprehensive and informative.

The production quality meets my expectations.

The instructor’s delivery is interesting and engaging (and appropriately humorous at times) 🙂

Both courses have a very high standard of tuition and anyone with a little familiarity with using tools could design and make an electric guitar from watching the two courses.

Explanations as to why certain things are done is given, which I love as that gives a better understanding of everything involved. There are also lots of top tips that you can only get from someone with long and deep experience.

All in all two excellent courses.

A teaching approach that anyone could understand… Thanks Mark for making courses like this available.

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