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Feedback on our guitar building courses

A treasure of information regarding building your first guitar. From making your own Jigs (very detailed !) to routing, sanding, finishing and setting up your guitar (very usefull for every guitar you already own). The only thing that gets better than the online course is attending the course at Mark's


Build Your Own Guitar

In this course Mark Bailey takes you through the process of building an electric guitar.

The whole process of building a guitar is chopped into 50 to 60 jobs needed to build a guitar. By doing that Mark has made building a guitar a manageable matter for anyone who has never built a guitar. Every single job is clearly demonstrated and explained.


Build Your Own Guitar

if you want to design your guitar this is THE course to take. This covers everything from the tools you'll need to the measurements, drawing and picking the guitar parts.

All done in high quality video and by an excellent, knowledgeable teacher. Mark Bailey's courses actually feel much better quality than the rest I've seen!


How to Design Your Own Guitar

Great course to learn how to design a guitar, with some basics informations and not like many books showing too much to handle, and just confusing. This course is simple quite informative, and if you are thinking of building a guitar for yourself, or start a business on the long run, this is quite a great start.


How to Design Your Own Guitar

This course is absolutely excellent! I have watched it all the way through twice and it has given me the confidence to undertake my own build. It is a great resource too as I often refer back to certain parts for clarification of what I am doing. TOP JOB Mark!


Build Your Own Guitar

This course is absolutely fantastic and not to be missed by anyone contemplating building their own guitar. I’ve been lucky enough to attend one of the build your own first guitar courses and Mark is a brilliant luithier and teacher/mentor and other than going to Ayr, this is without doubt the next best thing.


Build Your Own Guitar

Great delivery from Mark in this excellent guide to designing a guitar. The course content is perfect - every aspect of the guitar is considered, with just enough information provided to enable you to make sensible decisions on the specification of your instrument. Mark is also very helpful in giving recommended specs for first-time builders, in an effort to make thing as simple and achievable as possible. Having been on a Bailey Build Your own course, i can attest to Mark being an excellent teacher, which is reflected well in this series of videos and supporting material. His delivery is calm and considered, and he always does a great job of breaking down seemingly difficult tasks into small, easy components, making any job feel achievable. Ultimately, this serves to take what should be a rather intimidating goal - designing a guitar from scratch - and turn it into a realisable reality. The inspiration gained from this is invaluable, and could open up doors for many people who always wanted to build a guitar, but just didn't know where to start



How to Design Your Own Guitar

Feedback from our shop

I am starting my luthier journey and have had 2 slotted rosewood fretboards, one at 24.75 and one at 25.5 for scale lengths. Each has arrived as a beautiful piece of wood, and in the first instance I was emailed to check I didn’t need a nut slot. Great customer service and great speed of delivery. Until I am brave enough to radius a blank with hand plane and cut the slots, I will be returning. Thank you Mark and Carol


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

Thanks to guitarmaking.co.uk for a great fretboard. The service was first class both on the phone and with the product as Mark cut it to taper at no extra cost and also fitted the dot markers for me. The quality of the timber and the work on it is very high. It was the one piece l didn’t want to tackle on my build. Thanks for a great product.


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

I ordered a rosewood fingerboard from Mark he asked me if he could cut the taper at no extra charge I gave him the measurement about 2 days later I lined it on my plan it was spot on to my drawing . What more can I do apart from polish the top face .I nearly forgot he supplied 2 copper pins for when I glue it to the neck as well . Thank you again for a very good service.

Dave S

Fretboard – Electric Guitar

I ordered some guitar blanks for my first electric guitar build from Bailey’s Guitars and they were delivered promptly by courier. I opened the well packed box to reveal some wonderful pieces of mahogany and a preradiused rosewood fretboard. The neck blank is quarter sawn as advertised and the body comes prejointed. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend anyone to buy their blanks from Mark at Bailey’s Guitars. I can’t wait to get started now.


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

A great piece of timber machined perfectly, I ordered an Ebony fretboard and it has a lovely even colour and was tapered to my desired nut width and heel width. Can’t think of a better equivalent service, that accommodates to the customer like guitar making does. Delivery is fast too, the order was placed in the afternoon and was dispatched the next day.


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

As this is the first guitar I’ve made (apart from a diabolical kit guitar that ended up as firewood so doesn’t count) I took Mark’s advice and ordered a premade fretboard from him and I’m so glad I did! Not only is it beautifully made (the slots are cut with such precision), the wood is gorgeous. Seeing how it curves with the 12″ radius across the fretboard there is no way I’d have been able to make one myself. It’s been invaluable to use as a template to check my measurements while designing and making the neck too – giving me confidence that my guitar is coming along as it should.


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

Beautiful piece of rosewood, exactly sized and perfectly slotted. Standard Bailey quality!! My order consisted of a fretboard, truss rod and a routing bit. It came including a truss rod fillet and even two pins for locating the fretboard when gluing!


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

Just received the kit and wow…it all looks great, rosewood back and sides are stunning and I love the ebony fretboard and bridge blank. There are a lot of pieces but hopefully Mark will simplify the process in his usual calm manner. Having finished an electric guitar under his expert tuition on the online course and honed my skills further on one of his workshop courses I am confident my first acoustic build will be successful and will look stunning with all the quality parts and wood supplied with this kit. The best thing is that all the parts are here so no need to source at different places and incur multiple postage costs. They even threw in a router bit for the truss rod slot which I wasn’t expecting. Top guys at Bailey’s…


Fretboard – Electric Guitar

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