At age 18 Mark Bailey started his guitar making career with “Patrick Eggle” guitars, working with people like Trevor Wilkinson, Gary Levinson, Rob Williams and Patrick himself. Learning from masters of the art until 1998 Mark then decided to start his own guitar making company with partner Carol Davies. They have been running build your own guitar courses since then, utilising a double-decker bus as their first premises. Thankfully now they have managed to secure their own workshop with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign.
Now considered one of the UK’s top guitar builders, Mark is opening the doors to guitar building, making it more accessible for everyone and allowing people to achieve their learning goals from home.

“It’s never been about the money, I just want to pass on my knowledge to others so the art of guitar building lives on long after I’m gone.” - Mark Bailey

Mark's courses have already enabled more than 700 students with no existing skills from age 11 to 70 to build their own guitars. Some have even gone on to start up their own guitar making businesses!

The goal of is not only to provide the best online courses which cover every aspect of a guitar build at an affordable price but to create a thriving community around the craft. So the world's first community centred around guitar making is here, it's completely free and open for all and shall remain so.

If you can't build at home or want hands on tuition with Mark in person then consider one of our workshop courses at the home of Bailey guitars in Ayrshire, Scotland.

So get involved in the forums, share your experiences in guitar building, help others and in turn build up your Hero points. Yes that's right Hero points and as we all know hero points means prizes! Everything in our shop can be exchanged for Hero points.

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