Guitar Plans E-book

Free Guitar Design Templates

First Build Plans

This e-book starts by outlining all the basic patterns used by Mark in his courses. They include what they are made from and why. There is a list of patterns recommended for your first build and a list of pattern making tools you will need to make them.


Secrets of Guitar Building

If there really are any ‘secrets of guitar making’ then Patterns must surely be one of them, they speed up the whole process and make it easy enough for anyone to do it. One set of patterns can be used many times to make as many guitars as you like!

The Full Plan

Grab this e-book for a full, printable, to scale electric guitar plan.


Essential tools

Mark Bailey explains the essential tools required for guitar building from your home. Mark pioneered the DIY guitar build after working in a guitar building factory and now creates some of the world's most desireable, bespoke customs

Electrical Wiring Diagram

This wiring diagram shows the standard layout and electrical components for the basic guitar build as recommended by Mark.
Full detailed instructions and further customisation tips are included on the "Build Your Own Electric Guitar" course.

H/H: 1V,1T, 3 WAY TOG
Two Humbuckers with 1 volume, 1 tone, and 3 way toggle switch


Learn to Create Your Own Electric or Acoustic Guitar

Once you are done planning, can we help you with the build?

It's a chance to do something different, fulfill an ambition, build a dream!

At it's core opens the doors to guitar building, making it accessible and affordable. It's also a community of like minded, passionate people who will help and guide you.