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To stain or not to stain?


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Maple fretboards - they get stained before front dot and fret install or is it better to wait until staining the neck and body? I’m at the spot of front dot install and…, well honestly I’m overthinking things again and I’ve worked myself into a corner here. 😂🤣 

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Hi Rathaus,

You may be surprised at just how little stain maple will absorb but I would advise doing it before you install the frets and probably after you’ve drilled and installed the dots. My thinking would be that any super glue you use on the end of the frets may prevent the stain from taking in these areas but any sanding of the dots may remove stain from around them if already applied.

Other replies to the contrary may well be equally valid!




@darrenking that was one of the arguments I kept having myself. The other was the work still required would damage the finish and I’d have to redo it anyway. I ended up deciding to move on without staining. Plus I changed my mind about using ebony as the color.