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[Solved] Build #4 (formerly build #3 😂)

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I’ve finally got design #4 in the works. Originally it was design #3 but I had some incredibly bad luck getting the neck made for it and finally set it aside and started on the next original design. Shew.

After 3 mess ups I got the neck made and now have the body cut out. Still need to finish the routing then the sides leveled out and I can start carving the back. 

The body is kinda long since it’s about 21” but at its narrowest is 7 1/2” wide. Body & neck are mahogany (I’m still working through that huge load of mahogany door “scrap” I obtained in February 2022), flame walnut fretboard, and a quilted ash veneer top. It’s going to be kinda light though. One thing about the huge load of scrap is it’s varied in color. Some lighter, some darker. What I’ve learned is the lighter color mahogany is also lighter in weight than the darker pieces. Not being a wood person until I got started making guitars, I don’t know why one is lighter than the other but perhaps some of you gents could explain that to me. 😁

Anyway, here’s pics of my progress thus far. 

IMG 0754
IMG 0826
IMG 0946
IMG 0766
IMG 0760
IMG 0755
IMG 0925
IMG 0770
IMG 0762
IMG 0941
IMG 0827
Brian Walker Brian Walker 08/12/2023 8:44 pm

@rathius Google mahogany mixups the lowdown and go to the wood database result at its an interesting article about “mahogany “. The website has loads of useful information about many different woods, use the Wood Filter to search for what you’re looking for. I use it a lot, especially if I get some wood that I’m not sure what it is, it helps to identify it.
Great looking guitar by the way, will look forward to seeing the finished product.

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@rathius what happened with the necks?


I used some yew up the middle of my latest but I'm starting to think it wasn't dry enough, ended up proper bowed lol. Anyway I'm using good old brazillian mahogany now.

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And here’s where I am at the end of today. There’s a few spots I have to touch up on the back then I’ll be ready to start shooting the clear. That’s 2 coats cobalt violet chameleon mica. It’s mixed 10:1 - 10 parts clear sealer or clear topcoat to 1 part mica. About .25 grams to 12 oz. The instructions said it works best on a black background. I have to agree. Two coats and WOW! 

IMG 1072
IMG 1087
IMG 1086
IMG 1081
IMG 1078
IMG 1088
IMG 1079
IMG 1083



Hey man that signature inlay looks cool as F*** how you do that? Did I miss something?

Measure twice, cut once...

Rathius Topic starter 09/12/2023 3:24 am

Yes my mentor, I forgot to mention that detail. Apologies.
A couple of months ago my laser engraver arrived. I bought it in 2021. Yeah over 2 years later it arrived. I found it on Kickstarter. Actually, I did create a post and told the whole story about it and I think I showed a pic of that neck then.

And thank you very, very much. I’m grateful for the compliment.

Rathius Topic starter 09/12/2023 4:19 am

@markbailey also, I used fine mother of pearl dust and wicked CA into it then sanded it and the abalone dots down. It’s a really thin stroke on the logo so it’s quite difficult to cut a piece of inlay material that thin.


Cheers for that! Awesome work...I'll track down that post and check it out when I get a chance....Laser Engraver eh? Flash bastad 🙂

Measure twice, cut once...

NSJ 10/12/2023 12:04 am

@markbailey they're pretty cheap these days but great for a logo etc. People cut out their own templates and all sorts but logo is as far as I've got lol


OK you convinced me... - it's on the list...just need to convince Carol now!

Seriously though - do you have any Laser cutter/engraver recommendations for anyone who might be interested?

Measure twice, cut once...

Rocknroller912 Rocknroller912 12/12/2023 9:17 pm

I would be interested in one if the price is not too much. Which one do you have please

NSJ 14/12/2023 1:17 am

@markbailey I got the neje 3 plus myself, makes a lovely logo. Can do more but I've not put the effort in yet lol

20230703 161428 01

I run mine at lower power then do multiple passes so I get a nice deep clean engraving without all the charring.

I can run mine off my phone using bluetooth and the neje app which is cool. Pop it out to the shed, set up, do the logo then bring it back into the house. Very portable.

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IMG 0974

Mine is the DJ6. Here’s an Amazon link from the app. Sorry it may come up in the US store so check that if you follow the link

DAJA DJ6 Pro Laser Engraver with Higher Columns Portable Laser Engraving Machine Kits for DIY Supports Win/Mobile System/Offline Laser Cutter (Working area 3.15 * 3.15 inches)

Also works great for serial numbers, signing guitar parts you make for others (bridge pickup cavity - Body by Bailey Guitars for example or perhaps just a logo), etching pickup covers, custom designed inlay (carve their face or anything the customer desires), pickguards, etc. 

The only limitations I’ve found is the size of the working area and the imagination.

Check this pickguard some posted in a group on FB.


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 Started working on the finish last weekend and I’m spraying the back now. Hope later today to shoot the front of the headstock and a small 1/2 inch black band around the front edges of the body to help the abalone binding pop. I’m usinga neutral primer/filler with Mixol black. Just makes things easier although not really quicker. But it does make for a slicker finished product. 😁

IMG 1052
IMG 1063

Front is Quilted Ash. I think it’s Japanese Tamo Ash but not completely sure. My first single coil build as well as my first 6-inline headstock build. Right now it hangs a little body heavy from the upper strap button but I have faith the locking tuners will be sufficient to pull the neck down and give it the proper balance. If it had 2 humbuckers and 4 controls that might be a different story. I’d say a locking tremolo would make it body heavy again too. Of course I couldn’t do a trem on this one with the lipstick pickups, which since I stained & sanded back the front look amazing when dropped in.


imo the design looks pretty cool and funky, might as well put some bright colors in it! 😀 

Rathius Topic starter 08/03/2024 3:29 pm

@sogoslotvvip I used chrome and abalone to brighten it up. 😁