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27/11/2018 2:47 pm  

? there will be little running with my legs chopped off.....

No PITA though, you are perfectly correct. What I do at home is my concern. Your workshop is another matter entirely (as is your forum for that matter).... If I had students on a BYO-course around, I wouldn't want them to go near a router table. I can remember when you told me I could use any machine in your shop except for the planer....

I promise to take care....... 

Measure once, cut straight away and maybe you're lucky......

mark bailey
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27/11/2018 4:38 pm  
Posted by: Edwin

? there will be little running with my legs chopped off.....

Exactly...and you'll need a new nickname - I'd suggest 'Stumpy' ? 

Cheers for understanding!

Measure twice, cut once...

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Bill Flude
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08/09/2019 2:49 pm  


Have watched loads of YouTube stuff with table routers and table saws with exposed cutters and blades..........mostly from USA.........goggles, dust masks and ear-protectors are often missing as well.

Count the fingers!


Measure once........
Measure again.........
Sod it - make tea!

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