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Fret Dressing


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Is the aim of leveling the frets to get them completely flat over the entire length of the fretboard? Given that this process is undertaken without any string tension doesn’t it follow that the alignment will change once the instrument is strung or would this be compensated for by adjusting the truss rod?

This may be covered in the fret dressing module but it seems to be missing at the moment.

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That's right Darren

It is probably easier than you think - The higher action on Acoustic guitars makes them a bit more forgiving than electrics - just make sure there are no high spots.

If you really want to get serious checkout string tension simulators

Expensive but I'm sure you could probably knock one of those up 🙂

I have two (one set up for electric and one for acoustic to save time) but truthfully I only use them on problematic guitars nowadays.


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