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Bolt on Bass


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I want to plan a Bass build but never done one before. 

There are two things I want to do, build a bass and build a left handed bass.

I am assuming that making a bass isn’t all that different to building a guitar but how difficult is it to make everything the other way round? (Left handed)

I should think it’s easier to make my mate a left handed bass than to get him to learn how to play the right way around! (I mean right handed, of course!) ?

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Hey John... in the absence of any other replies here's my tuppence worth... 

I ventured into the bolt-on bass territory after my first build with no problems. I ordered a (34" scale) fingerboard and (longer) truss rod from Mark and got a longer bit of lining paper and drew it out just the same as a regular guitar. I don't know about more than 4 strings. I believe I consulted Mark re the slightly different intonation adjustment offsets.

I have no experience with building a left-hander.


You can use the Design course to make the working drawing - it is exactly the same process.

Again I recommend choosing your parts first so you can use them to help make your drawing.

It is no more difficult making a left handed guitar using my methods - usually if the 'pattern' is 'handed' you can just turn it over!

for e.g.

Take a right handed body shape or headstock pattern - turn it over - it's now left handed...

Go for it - I'm always here to help! If you like you can upload a pic of your design here and I'll check it out for you...


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That’s great! Thanks Herb and Mark, you’ve given me some good info there, enough to get started. I’ll start designing. 

Much appreciated. 

Make guitars, not war 🌍✌️🎸


Great for the suggestions ... thank you for sharing this..

Peter Virdee