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So I need to order a body blank, neck blank and pre slotted & radiused fretboard, anyone know what kind of lead time there is from the shop please, couldn’t find anything that said? 

Also if there are other UK sources for blanks you’d recommend please let me know?

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As far as I know, and I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong, but if it's showing up as in stock then it's ready to go. For delivery, I ordered a t-shirt and apron on Monday and they arrived today.

Given the quality of the blanks I've ordered from Mark and Carol compared to the body I've ordered from elsewhere I wouldn't personally consider going anywhere else.

Thanks, good to know. Just need to double check I’ve got everything and will get the order in later. Still designing and making jigs so I reckon it’ll be a week before I get started on the blanks.

I would stick with ordering from here as a lot of the hard work is done for you. Joining and squaring blanks can take days if you don’t have big machines. Most places sell you stuff that’s been through a rough saw and takes serious work to prepare.

Cheers, yeah I should have said I don’t have a jointer or thicknesser so they will need to be prepped blanks.

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Also if there are other UK sources for blanks

Hi Tej,

There are numerous other UK suppliers but I’d suggest that you email Mark and Carol and ask how they are fixed for shipping products at the moment. Don’t compromise your build schedule but at least give them the opportunity to fulfil your requirements by offering them first refusal.



Thanks, nice people have such a high opinion of their work 🙂 I put an order in (here) yesterday, I’ve finished the first draft of the design now, so will focus on making templates and jigs until materials arrive. I’ve finished the Neck Angle jig but there is a fair bit of sideways play as I’ve used an old door hinge, not clear right now if that’s going to be a problem.


Post some photos of your design if you like. The side play in the hinge shouldn’t be too much of a problem as you need to clamp the neck down and that should be enough. When in doubt, try it out I say.  You can always change the hinge if it bothers you.

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Hah, I would but it’s just the same as the pattern from the course but with a 25.5 scale fretboard so nothing exciting to share. I did try to extend the horns out a little but just made it look odd so changed it back!