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neck black thickness?


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I have a lot of mahogany (some of you may recall the pics) and most of it is 1 13/16" - 1 7/8' thick, somewhere around 46-47mm. This is awesome for body blanks as these only need a couple of mm shaved off and many pieces are big enough already to start carving and cutting. That said, I also have several pieces that are long enough to make necks. I'm looking at one piece right now that I could get 2 out of and have enough left over to add to other pieces to make a body blank. BUT, it's NOT 2 inches thick. Almost but not quite. Most of the wood is quarter-sawn too.


Can I still carve a one piece neck from wood that is 1 13/16" - 1 7/8"?

Should I just make a scarf joint neck?

Or would it be easier to do a parallel headstock (my plans are for set necks which I really like so...)

@rathius If it is long enough for a parallel neck headstock(Fender Style) for sure it is more than thick enough. Slice and plane the timber for scarf joints.