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Strap Button Placement


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I’m progressing well with my first build (thanks to the course and excellent kit) but am procrastinating over the neck side strap button placement.

My upper bout is quite pointed and I don’t think the strap button is going to go  well at it’s end.

I’m considering on the back of the upper bout. Any thoughts / other suggestions would be much appreciated. Equally, if I just need to man up and get the hole drilled, please tell me…

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Go for it...The horn is pretty sharp but you can still put the button there if you like. Make sure the screw goes right down the centre of the horn - get some strap buttons with foam washers included and it will be fine. Ask Carol nicely enough and she might sell you some: @Queenofparts

Measure twice, cut once...

@markbailey Thank you. Advice much appreciated.