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Fret slot depth


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I have a table saw and have just built a sled to cut the fret slots. I have a thin blade (from Rall) and slotted fretboard guides, so that shold work fine, I think.

I think a fretboard thickness of about 6.5mm is recommended? If so, how deep should I cut the fret slots in the blanks (first cut, on the table saw)? I aim for a 12" radius on the fretboard.

@swepri there‘s some trigonometry that can help here (based on the assumption that you can cut the 12“ radius perfectly). For a 56mm wide fretboard, the edges would have about 1.3mm removed.
So if you wanted to cut the fret slots in 1 go, a depth of 3.5mm should do it.

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6.5 mm is about right.

I usually take my fretwire and take a measure of the tang height  and add a little bit. I believe that comes down to 2 mm.

it is not that important, you can always deepen the slots after radiussing.

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Sounds fair. Don't want to make the fretboard more fragile than necessary. Wood is expensive. 🙂

@swepri There's plenty of material left, it should not be a problem