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Vintage lipstick pickup question

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First off, thank you to everyone that’s helped me on here the last couple of years. Also thanks @markbailey for the courses, this forum, and his guidance on those difficult questions. It has been very much appreciated.

IMG 0970

I’ve searched online but have not found the answer to my question.

How deep do I route the cavities for these bad boys? Yes, the height adjustment is from the back, just like the original Danelectros. From bottom of the compressed spring (the side against the screw) to the top of the pickups they measure 42.07 mm. The guitar body I plan to put these in (build #4 - Stinger) is 46.52mm. 
Also the pickup height from its mounting screw on the bracket to the top of the pickup is 21.62mm

Would I route the cavity to a depth of say 25mm but the ear holes 42mm?

Thanks in advance.

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Uhm, 🤔


Robin Robin 16/12/2023 11:59 pm

@rathius I'm not familiar with these pickups at all. Do you really need the top of the pickup to be flush with the face of the body ? How high will the strings be, how close to the strings do the pickups need to be?

Rathius Topic starter 17/12/2023 6:16 pm

Well I usually set the pickups about an 1/8” below the strings when pressed down at the last fret (22/24). The main concern is how deep to route the ear holes. Cavity itself can be 18-20mm I suppose but like I said, I’m really trying to figure out the depth of the ear holes since the mounting bracket’s legs are much longer than normal and adjust from the rear. Thought maybe one of y’all had some experience with Danelectro guitars.

Robin Robin 17/12/2023 7:38 pm

From the measurements you've given, looks like your first thought of 42mm depth would be right, I'd be a bit concerned about only leaving 3mm thickness on the back though. But its only the springs that go to that depth, not the actual ears. How about routing the ear holes to 42mm minus the spring depth. Then counterbore a hole for the spring to sit in, maybe leaving 6mm thickness on the back and drill deeper later if you need to. A mock up on a piece of scrap would be a good idea.


Posted by: @robin

A mock up on a piece of scrap would be a good idea.


Measure twice, cut once...