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Hi Everybody,

Not long finished my first scratch build and now giving some thought to the next one (of course🤣🤣). I’m really pleased with the result on my build the mahogany body and neck results in a pretty heavy guitar (9pounds). For my next build I’d like to aim for something a bit lighter and was thinking to maybe use Poplar for the body (probably with a cap of something a bit more attractive, maybe bookmatched London Plane, since Poplar is not terribly exciting grain wise).

So I was wondering if anyone has used Poplar and would be interested in your experience and opinions on working with it.



Robin Robin 08/02/2024 9:33 pm

An acoustic would be a lot lighter 😉

Brian Walker Topic starter 09/02/2024 11:12 am

I hear you Robin🤣🤣👍

1 Answer

Hi @brie, I've not used it myself, but Poplar is pretty commonly used. My understanding is it's easy to work.

If you're looking for light weight, take a look at obeche too. It's pretty cheap and very light. I've got a body blank I'm planning on using for a bolt on neck guitar. It has a nice grain, but again it's pretty plain, so a top or pretty colours might be needed.

Brian Walker Topic starter 09/02/2024 11:36 am

@liebe Thanks Dan, your suggestion of obeche could be a possibility, it appears that it’s lighter and softer than Poplar but not markedly so. Do you have any suggestions where I might be able to source it?
I’ve been looking at the web site, (Glasgow based company), they sell a lot of guitar making timber and tools, just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them.

Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes 09/02/2024 10:35 pm

I got my blank from David Dyke

I'll check out reid too, assists on the look out for interesting timber (even if I can't afford it!)