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Floyd rose vs neck style

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Making a build with a Floyd Rose and wondering about neck joint style. 

I’ve not done a bolt-on build nor a parallel headstock. All I’ve built have been set necks. I notice lots of guitars with tremolos appear to be bolt-on necks. Is there a reason for this or is it more of a “we make more bolt-on neck guitars than set necks” kinda thing? Is it strength issue or constant pressure thing?

Basically I wanna know if a FR will work with an angled set neck?

Should have added that picture when I first posted.

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NSJ 20/02/2024 12:11 am

@rathius yes, you can do set neck, bolt on or neck through. Makes no odds at all. A lot are bolt on for convenience I expect. Just get your dimensions from the floyd makers site. From that you can alter the angle depending on how you want the floyd to sit. I aim for recessed myself because I think it's cool lol. For a good floyd I highly recommend the gotoh unit, it's an absolute delight of a thing and super stable.


Ps using a floyd is a good reason to use a spoke wheel trussrod, less busy at the nut

Rathius Topic starter 20/02/2024 8:09 pm
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“ Ps using a floyd is a good reason to use a spoke wheel trussrod, less busy at the nut” Good suggestion but yeah, naw. Not yet anyway. More things to accomplish and learn first. However, I’m not above buying a premade neck like that. 😜

I was considering a recess but am going to wait until I have the neck glued in. This one has a spalted maple drop top a little over 7mm thick. I’m thinking perhaps a 4mm recess so the maple is still seen in that area.


NSJ 20/02/2024 8:23 pm

@rathius I do all the fretwork etc first before gluing a neck in or attching wings with a neck through, so much easier lol. As for recessing, just sort your neck angle to suit whatever option you're going for, above the body or in the body.

Recess is usually about 5/6mm where the studs sit then about 14mm or so at the rear to give plenty of room to pull up.

I just paint the cavities black, can't really see in them anyway to admire the wood.

Spokewheel rods are super easy, you just rout right out the heel end instead, having a cut out in the fretboard is just an option but not required as such.

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