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[Solved] Question about truss rod and placement.

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Hello all, before I cut my slot, I had a quick question. The strip of wood taped to the bottom of the rod goes in the cavity, yes? And does the wood face down? It's hard to see that part in the video.



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Hi, there seems to be a wee bit of confusion here, so I’ll try to answer this question and your next one together 😃

The slot for the truss rod needs to be the same width as the truss rod, e.g. 1/4 inch wide rod, 1/4inch wide slot. Mark does indeed cut a 7/16inch slot but that is the width of the rod he uses. The slot needs to be about 2mm deeper than the depth of the rod, so that the wooden fillet can be glued in above it. See the video “Install the truss rod”. The rod sits snugly in the slot with the flat metal surface upwards, not downwards as in your photo, then the wooden fillet is carefully glued in above it without gluing the wood to the rod (I put some wax on the metal surface to prevent any glue sticking). Where the rod adjuster sits may need some adjustments so that it sits properly and there’s room for the adjustment tool to do it’s stuff. Once the glue has set, the fillet is planed and sanded down flush with the surface of the neck.

I hope that’s of some help, always best to think of these things before you make sawdust🤣

Measure twice (at least) and cut once👍😃

Happy routing👍😃



SomethingNicer Topic starter 11/03/2024 7:41 pm

@brie that’s very helpful… so sounds like I need the 1/4” bit instead. No worries….. so the flat wooden part (on mine it’s wood) goes facing up. And then I still place a fillet on top of that that glues in? So there’s essentially 2 pieces of wood? One attached to the rod and one covering the slot?

Brian Walker Brian Walker 12/03/2024 11:24 am

Sorry, my last couple of posts yesterday haven’t appeared in this topic, I was having trouble logging in to my account and replied via the reply option in my email, guess that doesn’t work too well!!🤪
I see that Robin has posted more or less the same as I did!!😃👍Thanks Robin.
You won’t need to install the truss rod just yet, which should give you a chance to watch the lesson on installing the truss rod, all should then become clear.😃👍🎸


Thats a good comprehensive answer you've had from Brian. I'm a wee bit confused with your wooden truss rod, can you post a photo of that.

SomethingNicer Topic starter 11/03/2024 8:48 pm

@robin Sure thing. This is the truss rod I have:

IMG 3810


I'm thinking that the wooden filler strip has been taped on to the trussrod to protect it during transport.

20231120 180509

 This is what my trussrods look like. A round steel rod and a flat steel strip.

SomethingNicer Topic starter 11/03/2024 10:44 pm

@robin that’s what I was thinking. Maybe they just taped it on so it won’t get lost in transit. Thank you. This has been very helpful!