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Neck Angle Jig Placement

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Hey All, sorry for bombarding with questions. I'm on to the neck angle and the Jig I made at the beginning is taller than Mark's in the video. in his, his neck blank is fairly flush with the top of his rails, Mine is about an inch shorter. I think I should just be able to slide the blank forward to mark the angle and surface route? Is that the best route? or should I put something underneath that would lift the blank up to be flush?


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Brian Walker Brian Walker 12/03/2024 7:11 pm
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@somethingnicer Hi again, ask all the questions you need to, better that than making mistakes, we’re all on a learning curve here!!😃 Mark’s dimensions for the gig, the side rails are 70mm tall, not sure the size of yours. In any case, just slide the neck blank along the gig until you have it in position to mark the headstock angle, you should then be able to judge whether you’ll be able to comfortably surface rout the angle once its rough cut on the bandsaw.  You could raise it up in the gig but you need to be sure it is sitting as flat as it would without being raised up ( maybe some offcuts of MDF on the base of the gig). Mark does give the dimensions of the gig in the lesson video. Your neck is looking good so far. Brian👍😃🎸

SomethingNicer Topic starter 12/03/2024 7:17 pm

Thanks! That’s what was hoping to hear. I built the jig to marks specs in the jig videos. But in the neck route video I think he’s using a different one. His blank looks the same as mine…..

One more question…. When he lines it up for the surface routing, he actually has the nut sit back a little bit. But he doesn’t mention how much or why? Is there a specific measurement to that? I get that having the nut up to the edge would end up routing through the nut.

Btw, these forums are incredible 🙂

Brian Walker Brian Walker 12/03/2024 7:34 pm

@somethingnicer When you make the rough cut on the bandsaw, leave plenty of waste to be removed in the surface routing. Place the neck blank in the gig so that the rough cut slope is below the sloping side rails, clamp the neck blank so it doesn’t move. Put your router on the sloping rails and plunge the bit until it touches the top of the cut surface. Adjust the plunge depth to cut about 1mm deeper and make the cut, check to see how much closer the cut has taken you towards the line at the back of the nut. Keep making shallow cuts a little at a time until you reach the line at the back of the nut. Better to stop before you reach the line, the flat area where the nut sits can be a bit wider than the nut itself.👍😃🎸