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Figured top with carved section

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I have another body design I’m working on that’s inspired by…,

a pickguard. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ I know, go figure eh? I’ve attached a picture of my first drawing on notebook paper and the question is about the bottom of the front of the guitar. Notice the 2 lines that curve up into the body. The drop is 14mm and the length of the middle is approximately 55mm.

If I put a figured veneer on the top what would be the best method to cut or bend the veneer into the carve?

Rocknroller912 Rocknroller912 14/03/2022 11:06 pm

I think it could only work with two pieces joined at the centre line showing a mirror image, known as book matching but even then 14 mm is a big drop. I think the veneer would have to be quite thin and shaped by steam or heat bending and be a good dry fit before gluing.
Old bicycle or car tyre rubber would work for clamping the curve, although getting a good veneer match of the centre line will be hard.

Rathius Topic starter 15/03/2022 2:19 pm

Yeah after thinking about it I did realize the centerline in the carve would spread apart. Not really what I was wanting. I then thought perhaps make the centerline out of abalone but that wouldn’t look right in the end either. Maybe just leave it without a veneer and stain it a different color than the back and sides. Dunno but I really like the carve. Adds a bit more character I think.