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Gibson-Style assembly questions-Vocabulary Issues?

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Again, I find that I may be a bit behind on my vocabulary lessons.

I intend to do a gibson-style 5-string build, where the G string (the topmost string in playing position) is a double-course string. This, combined with being a 1.77" total width string spacing, (from center of doubled G to center of the A string) at the bridge end, means I'll end up making the bridge as I can't find what I want at the sources I'm aware of. This isn't a problem, and I'll probably make a dozen or so because it doesn't cost me any different to make 1 or 10.

What metal? Aluminum? Steel? Bronze? Titanium? All are readily available at hand and none are any more difficult to work with.

I figure the string spacing should be 1.77"(45mm) / 4, and then split the double-course string 3mm? Will I need separate saddles for the double course, or will I be able to use a single saddle with two grooves? They will be tuned an octave apart, one G4 and one G3.

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Posted by: @wolframmalukker

What metal? Aluminum? Steel? Bronze? Titanium?

I would avoid aluminium as it’s a far softer metal than the steel/nickel of the strings. If this is a purely electronic uke then the metal choice isn’t going to make a hugely discernible difference to the way the strong resonates and to the signal when it gets to the amp. 
The question about multiple saddles is an interesting one, the intonation is likely to be different with the different tuning but wouldn’t expect by a great deal. Might be worth doing a mock up using the right scale length to figure this out but you may find the difference is minute. If your making the saddles you could easily compensate for this.

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I would use mild steel as the bridge has to be earthed or connected to ground, and I think it’s the best material for this. I’m presuming it’s an electric build, but if it’s acoustic then it doesn’t matter much. Are you planning to chrome plate or leave plain metal ?
Aluminium forms an oxide very quickly so doesn’t make a great connection and is too soft for saddles. 
The double string is an octave apart so I think there may be intonation problems if you use a common saddle due to the string thickness, so if you can make adjustable saddles it will be better. Very fine scale work though. 
What is your scale length ?

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