Floating trem trick
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Floating trem trick  


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02/09/2019 10:40 pm  

A little trick I picked up ages ago to quickly balance a floating trem (Strat style or Floyd Rose) rather than muck about with tuning, re-tuning, tuning some more....

1. Put a shim under the bridge to give you the lift you want (I used a 3mm DIY plastic spacer, gives me a semitone lift)- or one, two or three credit/debit/Tesco Clubcard/Nectar cards do the trick, according to taste.

2. Tighten the springs holding the claw around the back so the bridge pinches the shim/spacer quite tightly, watching out for finish

3. Tune up, adjust the action, intonation etc. etc.

4. Final tune up - stretch out the strings etc.

5. Whip out the shim/spacer and then re-tune the guitar using the two screws that adjust the claw in the rear cavity of the guitar.

6. Voila! One perfectly balanced trem for those tasteful Dave Gilmour licks or a nice Steve Vai dive bomb.


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