Make an Acoustic Bridge

Make an Acoustic Bridge

This course is intended to be a bit like those build your own adventure books I used to read as a child.
Follow along and skip to the relevant sections depending on what type of bridge you want to make – its up to YOU!
Start by watching the first lesson below – ‘How to Make a Bridge for an Acoustic Guitar’ and then look out for the on screen instructions to click, as they will send you to the next job, depending on your choices. Its a lot simpler than it sounds – hopefully it will make some kind of sense by the time it is finished – ENJOY!!

Please Note: This course is currently a ‘work in progress’ I will be adding more bridge types very soon! Next up: Pyramid Style Bridge


Pinless Bridge

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: mark baileyComplexity: Hard

How to Make a Pinless Bridge Before you watch this: Make sure to watch ‘Making an Acoustic Bridge‘ first to learn how to make the Bridge Blank and Saddle Slot! Watch this Next! When you have completed this video go back and continue watching from (skip to 31:30) How to sand and polish your Bridge.

Pyramid Bridge

Author: mark bailey

Pyramid Bridge Make sure to watch Make an Acoustic Bridge up to and including Routing the Saddle Slot and String Holes before continuing!