Using the Vacuum Press

How to Use the Bag Press for Guitar Making – with Darren King

Darren King runs and in his spare time is one of our active GM community members.
Late last year he visited the workshop to show us his guitars and demo his Bagpress laminating system.
Darren truly is a master of his craft – it was an honour to have him here – I hope you all enjoy the videos…


Glue and Edge Joining Veneer


Length: 11 minutesAuthor: mark bailey

Glue and Edge Joining Veneer Darren demonstrates how to join veneer to make larger sheets for the back of the guitar Potential glue issues How the glue works in this application Bagpress recommended adhesive How to join edges to make wider/longer veneers

Preparing Laminations


Length: 16 minutesAuthor: mark bailey

Preparing Laminations Applying the glue and assembling the sides and back into the mould ready for the vacuum bag Content & Mark’s Questions (off camera so occasionally hard to hear) Applying Glue Q Why this glue over wood glue or PVA ?( 00:42) Using the glue spreader Engineered Veneers External and Internal Q Do you […]

Using the Bagpress

Length: 12 minutesAuthor: mark bailey

Using the Bagpress Content and Mark’s Questions ( off camera so sometimes harder to hear ) Back/Radius dish Bagpress vacuum bags explained Q How many presses can you do with one bag ? (01:45) Bags should last a long time if looked after Q Explain about “breather fabric” ? (02:20) Placing breather fabric Loading & […]

Results – Unpacking the Bagpress


Author: mark bailey

Results – Unpacking the Bagpress Here we see the fruits of our labour – back and side laminated removed from the bagpress and revealed in their glory. Contents and Mark’s Questions Checking glue Removing mold & unpacking guitar side M: “wow…look at that” Benefits of lamination Unpacking back lamination Braced backs Bagpress V GoBar deck […]

BONUS VIDEO – Bridge/Rosette/Braces


Length: 16 minutesAuthor: mark bailey

BONUS VIDEO! Here are 3 more uses for the bagpress – there are hundreds more – let us know if you have any ideas! Contents and Mark’s Questions Bridge Caul Bonding Bridge to soundboard Using Latex membrane Rosette Purfling Using a mold – how to make the best use Cutting purfling – tips & techniques […]



Length: 21 minutesAuthor: mark bailey

Bonus Video – Interview with Darren King from Darren talks about his background, his work with Bagpress, what brought him to and shows us some of his own work. Check out Darren’s website here: