Author: mark bailey

Design Your Own Guitar - Introduction

I recommend you draw the same guitar as me the first time, then you can follow the same procedure and substitute your own custom options as required and alter the design to suit yourself. Once you get the hang of it you can be designing guitars every 30 mins! The course assumes you are going to go on to build your instrument and is packed with tips to make your first build as easy as possible - but you don’t have to.

Final Set Up – INTRO

Author: mark bailey

Final Set Up - INTRO

Final Set Up - INTRO - There are 3 main jobs: Set the Truss Rod, Action, and Intonation. The guitar must be tuned BEFORE each and every one of these jobs.

Fit the Neck – Intro

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: mark bailey

This video gives an introduction and overview of the neck joining process. This is possibly the most difficult of the build so far but don't worry - I've broken it down into nice easy steps. We'll be going through each job in detail in the following series of videos.