Guitar Design – Overview


Guitar Design – Overview

This is a complete overview of the guitar design process from start to finish.

In the final lecture of this introductory module, I summarise the design process and you get a flavour of what is to come. Along with the rest of the first module, it should bring together all the information you have learnt so far, and show how it all fits together… so you can start to design with a bit more confidence.


Don’t worry if the video seems a bit fast! – I go over each bit in more detail in next section.

If you don’t yet feel ready to start making the drawing, then revisit all the lectures in this section, including the PDF’s – and if you like to have the maximum amount of info before you get hands on, then work your way through all the videos (including the bonus material) before you start.

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  1. herbpayne

    great overview, thanks…
    and now… to do it for real…

    1. mark bailey Post author

      Thanks Ben – that is good to know – Don’t forget to leave a review 🙂

  2. ben

    Hi Mark,

    Just to check – is this the book you recommended for repairs and the like?


    1. mark bailey Post author

      That is the one – there is also a part 2 – everything you need to know about acoustic guitar repair and maintenance…

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