The Guitar Making Process – Overview


The Guitar Making Process – Overview

I think it is best to watch the whole course to get a rough understanding of the guitar making process BEFORE starting to build – have a notebook to hand as you work through each section – you can note down things you want to remember and any questions you may have.

NOTE: This is a timelapse film of another build at another time but it does give a good overview.

Please feel free to ask me anything you want or start a discussion on your course dashboard.

Don’t forget to read The Guitar Making Process PDF below!

This is the end of the beginning…

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  1. sandy2

    I’m seriously excited about this. It’s took me 5 months to prepare for this project. I’ve bought, cadged, built and repaired the workshop and tools after watching “Guitar Magic”. Now I’ve signed up as an early birthday present and I’m ready to go.

    I’ll be blogging and hopefully learning my trade in digital marketing as I go.

  2. mark bailey Post author

    Great stuff Sandy – Just let me know if you have any Q’s.

    Good Luck!!

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