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HERO Points  


mark bailey
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23/11/2018 7:23 pm  

What are HERO Points?

Every post, pic or video you upload here has real value to me - Hero Points are a way for me to pay you back for all your hard effort!

What Can You Do With HERO Points?

HERO Points are worth real money - trade your HERO Points for actual Guitar Making Supplies in our shop!

Also - If you have seen something impressive on the forum or had one of your tricky questions answered then you can also give HERO Points using the 'Give Points' link below each post.

How to Get Hero Points?

The way of the HERO is not easy, nor is working out how exactly they are awarded - there are many secret triggers that will earn HERO points.

Here are a few guaranteed ways:

  • Upload a Profile Pic
  • Start A Build Thread
  • Upload Build Pics/Video
  • Complete a Course
  • Showcase Your Finished Instrument
  • Video Review

Already a HERO?

If you have already completed a course you may be eligible for a large chunk of HERO Points just post a pic or video of your finished project in the Showcase section of the forum as proof and I will mark your course as complete - you will still have access to the course as long as you remain a member.

How Much is a HERO Point Worth?

1 HP = .10 GBP(£)

If that doesn't make you want to rip your shirt off and shout RARRRRRRR! Then you probably have much more sense than me...

Measure twice, cut once...

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John L
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23/11/2018 10:23 pm  

I like this idea, especially that they can be used in the community as currency. You are the true Hero Mark! ??

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