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REP Points  


mark bailey
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24/11/2018 12:09 pm  

What Are Rep Points?

Rep points are similar to HERO points except - Rep points cannot be spent in the shop

How Do I Get Rep Points?

You can earn Rep points by taking courses, making posts, uploading pics or video, commenting, and liking (or disliking) other posts - generally being active in the Guitar Making community. The more active you are the more points you will get!

Why Have Hero and Rep points?

When you have enough HERO Points you can choose to spend them on guitarmaking supplies - but your REP Points will remain intact.

The Leaderboard

Maybe we'll have a special prize each week for whoever is in the #1 Slot - leave it with us...any suggestions?

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John L liked
John L
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24/11/2018 2:26 pm  

Yeah, it’s a pretty good system, I like it, especially if there is a prize for this week. ????✌️

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