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04/02/2019 9:33 am  

Hi Guys

As I'm still really a newbie to the guitar building with Mark. I just need to be a sponge and soak up anything and everything so this forum is really helpful.

The workshop tools etc just take time and money to put together. Maybe a run down of the basic tools required or will that be in the courses section ? I have ideas about the basics I need but finding where to get the plans and templates from would be a big help.

Mark you said you were contemplating CNC to sell through the website, any further thoughts on that?

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John L
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04/02/2019 11:47 am  

Hey Mike, I can only talk about the courses I’ve done so here goes. 

Since meeting Mark (online), I have completed the Design your own Guitar and Build your own Guitar (electric). I have not got to the Acoustic build yet, I’m having too much fun building electric guitars at the moment. 

Within the course there is a full list of essential tools and materials needed to complete a guitar build. This is all for electric guitar and to build it at home in a garage or workshop. I can’t put the full list up here as it is part of the paid course (or sold separately in the shop on the website). However I will talk about some of the main tools as part of a review. The tools that will help the most are a bandsaw and a router with the correct blades and bits. Some specialist tools are required such as a levelling beam, straight edge, fret rocker, radius gauges etc. Mark’s checklist gives you everything you need to get started and as you progress you get to know about addition and optional tools for the future. The course also suggests various suppliers of where to purchase tools and materials. Don’t forget the Mark has some materials, products and tools for sale and will help you find what you are looking for. 

So my advice is, whichever course you want to do first, buy it! Once you have bought it, spend time with the checklist (included) and get everything on it before starting work on a guitar. Make sure you have in your possession all of the guitar parts you want to use - bridge, tuners, nut etc. - these need to be part of the design stage and will affect the actual building of the guitar. There are lot of different guitar parts out there, so if you design for a particular bridge, for example, and then change your mind for another one half way through the build, it could seriously affect the tuning and/or playability of the guitar.

Everything will be fine though, Mark is the master and he will help you every step of the way. I was really nervous at first as I was doing it online instead of in Mark’s workshop (which I still haven’t been to) but I am now going to be starting my 3rd build. I made a few mistakes along the way but Master Yoda (I mean Mark) is there to help. 

Good luck with everything and welcome to the forum.


Carpe Diem and build your dreams

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17/02/2019 9:10 pm  

I'd love to see how to make a bolt on neck, a multi laminate thru neck and maybe a paint spraying course. 

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mark bailey
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18/02/2019 12:34 pm  

Cheers Adam - added!

Measure twice, cut once...

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Mike of Loughton
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22/03/2019 6:35 pm  


I would like to see you do an archtop guitar. I am looking at the Benedetto book and collecting tools and jigs in anticipation.


Mike Walker

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12/10/2019 3:41 pm  

I see this is an old post but... I'd like to see a paint spraying course. 🙂

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