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Question about marking out the side profile of the neck.


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I'm following along with the acoustic course again and I am about to mark out the side profile of the neck for cutting. On the course the neck joint is at the 14th fret and mark measures at the 10th fret (which is 4 frets away) down 20mm. My question is..... I am making my guitar with the 12th fret body joint. Do I then measure from the 8th fret down the 20mm or still do that measurement at the 10th fret and blend it in? or.... am I thinking too much into this and I just need to build it? 🙂


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No worries! It is good to be cautious and ask...that's what we're here for... 

The difference is minimal but I would mark where looks sensible depending on how tight the radius will be when you shape the heel.

I like to keep the radius fairly tight like 1" or less... so 8th or 9th fret probably in your case.

Measure twice, cut once...

Perfect. Thanks Mark.