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Neck pocket nominal depth for bolt on neck


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What is a good starting point for neck pocket nominal depth for bolt on necks using a hardtail or tele bridges?  Neck blank/heel is at 25mm or 1 inch. Fretboard radiused at 5 1/2mm. Should I base it on the basis of the neck thickness (not the fretboard) to be 1/8inch proud off the surface of the body? That way thickness of the neck blank is non applicable. Is that a safe starting point to establish the 11.5-12mm string height with no neck angle? 
Also appropriate body thickness for lenght of bolt on screws with plate and plate washer. Will it be unadvisable if the screws reach the fretboard a bit? 

I am at this stage and I am doubting myself and decided to stop to seek some advice.

One of my last builds was a Tele, my first attempt on a bolt on parallel headstock and I simply just guessed and trusted my heart but seem to get it spot on. No longer have the guitar. It was shipped as a gift for my niece and did not take measurements prior.

On my only 100% successful & playable build, which has bolt on 'strat' style neck; the pocket is 18mm, neck is 26mm at heel (20mm neck - 6mm fretboard with 16" radius) and has low profile/top load hard tail bridge.

Hope that helps.

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I would start at 18mm deep for a bolt on neck socket - adjust from there to suit whatever bridge.

Measure twice, cut once...

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Thanks I feel better.