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Acoustic tone from an electric guitar?


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One of the grails of jazz guitar tone, for musicians of a certain age, is the hint of acoustic tone mixing with the PAF because the amp is so quiet.

If one was building a semi-hollowbody guitar (with wraparound bridge bolted to an internal block) what would you recommend for adding an acoustic sound to blend in? Piezo? Mic? Other?

This is not in any way a cunning attempt to smuggle an electric guitar into Acoustic Bliss, obvs. But there’s something about thrashing a battered acoustic which I’d love to blend in to my usual favoured tones.

I don’t know anything about acoustic guitar p/u other than the Fishman magnetic-soundhole-bar things which I have - mostly because of price and ease of fitting. So any tips or suggestions welcome.

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Look at the Graphtec Ghost system.

I have one built into a guitar, and it works nicely.

If you set-up the switching appropriately, you can blend the acoustic/electric outputs, and have either/or.

You can also have separate acoustic and electric outputs going to separate amps (etc) if that's your thing.

Yup - that looks good. Thanks @tv101

I’ll just check the pric— sorry, I think there’s something in my eye...

Yeah, they're not the cheapest option.