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Neck blank length


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I've been shopping around for blanks over the past couple days and need some clarification. While it would be ideal to buy from Mark, I'm not sure about the shipping cost and how long it would take to get here to the US (if it's even still possible). Also, the shop says that the blanks are on back-order. I was going to buy from StewMac but I noticed that their mahogany blanks are only 26" length. All their other blanks (maple, etc.) are longer but sized for bolt-on construction. 

Anyway, my main question is this:

Would 26" be enough length for a 25.5" scale 22 fret neck? I'm aware that the fretboard will hang over the end a bit.

I've measured the guitars I already own from the tip of the headstock to the end of the neck and 26" barely covers that.

I have only built an acoustic guitar so I can't really comment on the length you would need however.... I think if you start with your full sized drawing, then you would be able to measure exactly how long you would need for a neck blank to be. That's how I did it for my acoustic guitar. Also... I totally hear ya about the shipping cost from the bailey store. I would really love to support them but the shipping to get it to north america, I'm in canada, just doesn't make it worth it for me... saying that. I use a company in British Columbia, Canada and I'm sure they ship world wide so I can't imagine getting to the US would be an issue. I use . There is also a company in Ontario that seems to be more geared towards electric guitars... . Not sure if that helps but hopefully that gives you options.

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So your 25.5” scale length for a 22 fret board means that board will be about 47.6cm (18 3/4” ish) long. You need to decide where you want the neck to join the body of the guitar and make sure you have sufficient wood for the tenon joint. (I’m presuming your going for a set neck) then you’ve the nut and the headstock too.

Short answer is your blank wants to be about 28/29” long for a set neck guitar build. 26” in my opinion would be cutting it too fine and might force to you make the guitar body longer than you’d like and to have to join the neck further down the board making higher frets harder to access.

That said, what you should really do is draw out your design first 1:1 scale and work out what you need for your specific sewing before ordering any wood. FYI the neck blank I’ve had from Mark was about 31”, it’s helpful to have the extra at the end for clamping when carving.

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Thanks for the help, guys. Tej, you're right about having room for clamping and that's mainly what I was worried about. I knew 26" was a bit too short. I do still need to do my drawing and will be working on that very soon. I also still need to make the jigs. Lots of work ahead hehe.