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[Solved] Drill the Bridge Holes


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I'm at the stage of drilling the bridge holes (yes I finally sanded and glued the neck in) 

it's 25 inch scale length, I've measured 1.5mm back from the scale length at the treble end and 4.5mm back from the bass end to get the intonation line based on @markbaliey videos. I know I've made things slightly more complicated by not using a wrap over bridge but my question is:


Q, does this look right? is the hole meant to be drilled bang on the intonation line?





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That is correct for the placement of the bridge - but I would rotate it 180 degrees.

Most people think the screws face the back, but if you look at the saddles they are meant to go the other way round...either way works tho - hang around long enough and you will see both ways used on guitars.

Measure twice, cut once...


If I understand this right I would say it looks right to me. I don't think it actually matters that the hole will be drilled in the intonation line as long as the string take off is on the intonation line. It looks to me like the holes on that bridge are right in the middle so it would make sense to me that it would be drilled right on the line. And it looks like there is enough adjustment on each string to dial in the intonation once it is all strung up. I haven't built an electric yet but that's how I understand it. 



On my first build I used a bridge and tail piece like you have there and had the very same doubts. I drilled and fitted the tailpiece and strung it up with the bridge just sat in position. After tuning and checking intonation, the bridge was sitting right where it should be on the intonation line.

So check your measurements again then go ahead, drill your holes and fit your bridge. Trust in Mark's teachings.



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A very good question, i thought i was the only rookie out the gate...In grade school we're told to raise our hands and ask questions, because others are probably thinking the same thing, but are afraid to;

I was saving this very question for later.

I'm not there yet, as far as actual working [making sawdust], but that question has been on my mind ever since my design.

It will be neat to start reading responses.


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Thanks for the confirmation @markbailey it means a lot. I actually went back and watched the section on the design course too so this is definitely me checking twice. I did wonder about rotation so that really good to know, I've got a couple of bridges that are both ways around so I wasn't sure but frankly your word is gospel.