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Fill in gap around dot inlay?

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Hello all! So I have my front dots installed and as I’m sanding them down I’m noting that on a couple there’s a little bit of gap. Well since sanding the dots flush, the gap was filled with the white mother of pearl material. If I carefully put an xacto knife in there I can remove the dot material. 
my question is, how would I fill that gap? (See pic)


IMG 4341
Russ Russ 17/05/2024 7:19 pm

A little bit of fretboard dust and super glue should do the trick. Gluboost is good stuff for this very job.

SomethingNicer Topic starter 17/05/2024 9:47 pm

I thought about that..... I've got extra dust, I guess it's no issue if the dot itself gets dust glued to it as long as I sand it back down flush?