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Body blank joint

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Hi everyone,

making a start to my second build and I’m prepping the two halves of the body blank prior to gluing. I’m pretty sure that the two surfaces to be joined need to be as flat as possible to achieve a good strong joint. My question is, just how fastidious do you need to be? At the moment, with the two halves lined up as I want them, I can see a tiny sliver of light at a couple of places along the joint line. I should add that the body blank (Poplar) will be having a cap (London plane) glued on top. It’s a slow business prepping these edges!! Might need a refreshing ale!!👍😃🎸🍻



Koendb 01/06/2024 3:27 pm

@brie I never sand joints, I use a hand plane only. ( OK and maybe a scraper card on the odd occasion )  It is quicker, once you have passed the learning curve. And a lot less labor intensive. You should not see any gap whatsoever.

Brian Walker Brian Walker Topic starter 01/06/2024 5:42 pm

I admire your ability to do it all with a hand plane, I’d love to have that skill and confidence. I suppose I should just go and practice on some scrap wood until the learning curve is less steep!🤣🤣 Anyway, the body blank is now glued, will see better tomorrow how it is once the clamps are off.👍😃🎸

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Flat, no light showing through. And yeh it can be a pain in the muffler prepping wood but it has to be done. Handplane, sanding, router and straight edge etc

Brian Walker Brian Walker Topic starter 31/05/2024 9:53 am

@nsj Thanks Neil, yeah a real pain, no kidding!! I guess I’ll just have to have another go at it this afternoon. I know that I’m close but not close enough🤣🤣
By the way, do you just sand with 80 grit or do you go through the finer grades?

NSJ 31/05/2024 10:02 pm

For gluing it's better rough so 80 is good. I think the join disappears more and also glue gets a better hold, gets right into the fibres instead of floating on the surface.

Brian Walker Brian Walker Topic starter 01/06/2024 11:01 am

@nsj Had another go at it yesterday afternoon and I think I’m just about there, stopped before I scunnert myself of the job ( in my experience that’s when I go and do something wrong🤣🤣). Will check it again today before gluing, I swear that wood shape shifts overnight!!
I like your thinking on leaving it at 80g, the thought of Working through the finer grades did not appeal, more likely to undo all the good work done with the 80g. I will make sure the surfaces are dust free before I glue them. Thanks again for your advice.