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Build#2 Progress

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Hi Y’All,

Just thought I’d share some photos of my second build with you. Progress has been slow but I’m starting to gain some momentum 🤣🤣. The neck was done during my first build as my “practice neck” and turned out well. This build is my first attempt at prepping and gluing the body blank and cap, my joint lines are not as clean as they might be but they’re not bad (the usual story of everything looking great until you introduce glue into the equation!!🤣🤣).

Body blank is Poplar and the cap is London Plane.

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Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes 26/06/2024 9:32 pm

@brie all three photos look in good order. I really like the poplar and the London plane cap!
Looking forward to updates

Brian Walker Brian Walker Topic starter 26/06/2024 10:46 pm

Thanks Dan, will see soon how well the Poplar behaves when I start routing the cavities. I’ve used London Plane before and it is generally easy to work with , so no great worries there.👍😃🎸