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Fret bending radius  


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I had a bash at a radius jig with a bunch of skateboard bearings. After mangling the first fret and adjustments it’s looking reasonably ok.

Question is, if I have a 12 inch fretboard radius, do I want to bend them a bit tighter than 12 inch? 

Yes I think you do need to do that so that the ends can be banged in first then the middle. I was watching Mark’s video again the other day and the ends definitely went in first, so the fret radius has to be tighter than the fretboard.
I have a fret bending jig and a metal lathe. I could make copies of the rollers from silvered steel stock if yours don’t work out.

One roller needs a groove in it to keep the wire from twisting.

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You can see it better on this photo but there’s actually two bearings and a washer in between to create the perfect sized groove.
Thanks for the offer, if I balls this batch up I’ll definitely take you up on that

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Good work on making the jig 😀 

I think common wisdom seems to be bend a couple lower than your radius. I've used 14" for on three 16" necks and 10" for a 12" neck and both seemed to work well.

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That’s great @cheesewhisk. If you ever make a spare throw it my way 😉

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TRIXES 8 Frictionless Abec 9 Sealed Skateboard Roller Skate Bearings

Happily send you one but here’s the bearings pack and then some M10 sized bolts and you’re there

Thanks - was just kidding...thanks for the link @cheesewisk I’ll have a crack at building on