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Routing truss rod at angle or straight?  


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Seeing all kinds of information I am a bit confused whether to make the truss rod channel straight or angle (deeper at the heel)?

The neck angle is about 1 degree. If it means anything in this context. 

Any input?


Ultimately it will depend on which type of rod that you intend to install. It will most likey be the same depth end to end. Dual truss rods are installed in “straight” channels and these days they make single action rods for straight channels as well. The old style single rods go into a curved channel. I’ve never heard of a TR channel that has this angle that you’re talking about but that doesn’t mean that that style doesn’t exist.

Which type of truss rod do you have?

Thanks for clarification. I knew it should be straight. I think I went to the wrong forum reading topics on truss rod installation in les pauls. And it made me confused. They were talking about making the channel deeper at the heel.

Anyway, I am using a dual action truss rod.

Thanks again for the clarification. Really appreciated.

You’re welcome, any other questions just ask. We’re here for you 😉