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Neck Break Angle?  


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My question is why do some makers put an angle onto the front of the body for the neck angle and here at Bailey Mark puts the angle on the heel?

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A set neck has a chunkier heel big enough to machine on an angle

for a Bolt on it it better to angle the neck socket in the body....

sometimes the top of the body can be carved into an angle to match but it does not affect the neck angle 🙂

Measure twice, cut once...

Thanks Mark, I meant solely for a set neck. I have seen a number of people (on YouTube) that put the angle on the top of the body ( forward of say the rear of the neck humbucker), usually planed, and then mounting the template on top of this angled face to effectively rout the same angle into the neck pocket, rather than angle the heel.
Your method seems much simpler to me I just wondered if there were benefits to doing it this more complicated way.