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Table saw?


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Hi all,

I hope you are all well, I'm looked to get a table saw for fret slotting and to use the stewmac blade (unless there are other recommendations).  I've never had a table saw but used one for this at the school I went to and it was such a nicer and quicker way of working.

It might seem like a noob question tocthose that use these all the time, but the arbour on the blade is 5/8" and it's an 8" blade. All the saws I can find here seem to be 10" and nothing has a 5/8" arbour am I missing something or will the blade just not fit these?  🤔

Also does anyone recommend any table saws?

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Get the blade first - I have both the and the version to fit a 5/8" spindle - the latter comes with 'stiffeners' not needed on the Stewmac version.

So you need to find a machine to fit a blade with a 5/8" mounting hole...mine was the cheapest money can buy.

Not sure if this is the exact one but it looks the same:

You might find the blade is VERY tight - I had to ream mine out a tad to get it to fit. Possibly the shaft is 16mm and the hole 15.8mm (5/8") - something to look out for - I managed to crack the LMII one by forcing it - that is why I have tried both...

A table saw with 5/8" spindle is not easy to find - they are old fashioned now but you might have some luck looking at second hand or the cheaper end - that is where I found mine:

Some more handy links:

Happy hunting - let us know how it goes!

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You guys are probably not aware of a really good store in Bavaria called Rall Guitars.

He’s a really nice guy with a website in English and they have a great selection of tools and supplies with realistic prices. He has two versions of the saw blade that you’re after but unfortunately they aren’t currently in stock but just send them a message and ask when they’ll be available again.


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Thanks for the help @markbailey & @mattbeels Yeah it does seem very hard to find a 5/8 over here. Kind of surprised stewmac haven't started doing a more modern fitting. 

I had a look at the rail ones, they also have 30mm arbours and dont need stiffners so look pretty good. Only difference is that they have pin holes in them. I take it they can just be ignored if not needed?  Also they are 180mm,  is there any thing to look out for that might stop me from fitting it to any 10" saw?

Btw matt do you have one the blades from them? I'm think this looks good

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Cheers Adam,

no I don’t have that saw blade but plan on ordering one at some point. They also have a 150mm version if that helps. I just looked at them again and it appears that there are a couple of different sizes for the width of cut as well so look out for that!

I’m guessing that those pin holes are to be ignored if not needed but don’t quote me on that as I do not now nor have I ever owned a table saw!

Btw, if you decide to go with the Stew Mac blade check out Madinter, a store in Spain that carries SM stuff.

Practice on scrap...

Thanks mate, I'll let you know what I decide to do and how i get on.

Didnt know about madinter either, we almost didnt have to pay import for stewmac! I guess it's down to what's actually the cheapest when it arrives now but I haven't got a clue how to work that out lol! 🤣

Rall should easily be the cheapest but as his aren’t in stock you’ll have to either play the waiting game or bite the bullet and get the SM one... what do you not understand about working out which is the cheapest?

Ah no I mean between getting stewmac from usa or Europe. Both have import etc on top now.


Unless you're planning on doing *lots* of fret slot cutting, getting a table saw (with the appropriate blade) and setting up the jig properly, purely for that job might be a bit OTT?

There are easier ways of cutting fret slots, and far cheaper tools for doing it.

For example ...


Online guitar making courses –

@tv101 does make a valid point here. The unique thing about the Bagpress templates is that each has several scales, which is pretty bitchin’ if you ask me. I’m really interested in using a zero fret on some builds, and 27 frets on others. If I go this route I’ll ask Darren if he could whiz up some customs.

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Sorry for absence I had a baby a year ago and haven't the time to even think about building!! Lol Thanks to everyone that replied whilst I was away, I completely agree its over kill, but I am now a full time guitar tech with my own workshop space and views on producing lots of guitars (and wanna make my life as quick and easy as possible!😆) 

Good news on this though, I dont know if anyones been watching Radius Dish Uk, who seem to have popped up over the last couple of years, makingg jigs and bit other luthier bits. They have just released a new saw blade thats a tiny bit cheapier (and in stock, I could never get the one I wanted) than Ralls. I've ordered mine, I let you know how I get on!


I’ve been following radius dish, he is making a lot of new product lines and is asking customers what price they would be willing to pay for fretboard radius sanding blocks, which is a very customer friendly approach.

Yeah I like the way they are operating, been asking what people what in the way jigs. Pretty much can suggest something and if its doable its on there within a couple of months!