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[Solved] When to glue  



Hi all thank in advances

This is my first build. to me it's a good one when do I glue the neck to the body 

I have just finished the base coat just need to do last rundown ready for lacker 

So do I lacker them separately then glue or glue them together then lacker 

Hi @bodess, I'm also on my first build, and I'm sure that the more experienced builders will be along shortly with good advice.
When I saw your photos on your fist post, I had assumed that it was a bolt on neck. I glued my neck after sanding but before starting the finish (Danish Oil on my build). Difficult to see in your photo, have you masked off the glue joint area on your body and neck ?

1 Answer

I’d glue together first, then lacquer.

2 reasons.

1.  If you spray separately, then glue, there’s always a risk that some lacquer will find its way through the masking and mess up the nice clean jointing surfaces that you’ve prepared.

2.  Glue together, then spray and you’ll “seal” the exposed lines of the joint.


But the clincher is because that’s the way that Mark does it ...

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