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Look what I got today!

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Ok not a question but I couldn’t figure out where else to post this. 😁 I also had to tell y’all about finding a local (I live in a small town in the middle of Kentucky, USA) source of free Honduran mahogany. Seriously, it’s free to me as its “scrap” to them. And there it is, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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When they said I could have as much of it as I wanted I had to limit what I picked out because I was driving my wife’s too-little-to-haul-all-this-wood vehicle. I am making a return visit on Monday though. 😁

Rocknroller912 Rocknroller912 04/02/2022 2:57 am

How big are the pieces

Rathius Topic starter 04/02/2022 4:32 am

Most are 1 5/8” thick. Not quite thick enough but definite candidates for a carved cap or drop top I’m thinking. Hoping I should say. 😂 As you can see the width and length varies. I’m thinking the longer ones may be candidates for laminated necks. Some will have to be ripped and glued to another piece to get the right width for a body though. I’m going back on Monday to clean out all the “scrap” like this they have. This bunch was about 1/3 of the stack.

Robin Robin 04/02/2022 11:24 am

@rathius Thats a lucky find. It might be scrap to them, but your trained eye sees guitars. I get that same feeling when I see my daughter's coffee table, but she won't let me have it.

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That’s amazing stuff man, good going. You’re so lucky to find a place like that. I’m a little jealous I must admit. 

Make guitars, not war 🌍✌️🎸

Rathius Topic starter 03/02/2022 11:32 pm

@boo I feel pretty blessed dude.

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BTW, I did go back the next week and took everything that was on the “scrap” pallet. 🙄😳 This was what I returned with to add to what is in the first picture I shared. I think I’m pretty set for guitar bodies for a while, a long while really, and several necks. By rough estimation I have enough wood to build about 6-8 complete guitars and another 7-8 bodies, maybe more.

I have seriously been blessed. Here’s the back of my Chevy HHR after retrieving the rest of the wood.

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Boo Boo 12/03/2022 10:04 pm

@rathius Boom! Look at that. Nice catch sir. 👍

Rathius Topic starter 13/03/2022 7:35 pm

I know. I feel blessed.


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