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[Solved] Neck blank thickness for scarf headstock

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Hey folks, 

I've nearly completed my first build and already considering my next..

In thinking of doing a set neck with a scarf joint headstock. I've read and seen vids that by doing the scarf I can get away with only 1" thick neck blanks. However, with a set neck will the 1" give me enough for the heel/neck joint?

If the blank is long enough, I could cut and add a bit too build up the heel, but I'd prefer not to.

Any of you good people had experience of this?



swepri 24/07/2023 2:41 pm

@dhawkes1gmail-com I would say 25 mm is a bit too thin for a set neck. You want the gluing surfaces to be as big as possible. On my first build I laminated the heel area with two 20mm pieces and then shaped and fitted the neck.

You can probably calculate how much thickness is needed if you follow Mark's recommendation of 10-12 mm body material left under the neck pocket and a mm or two above the top of the body. The thickest part is at the very end of the neck, due to the neck angle.

Dan Hawkes Dan Hawkes Topic starter 24/07/2023 4:01 pm

Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you.
I was thinking if the hotel was long enough to lop 80mm odd of the end and build up the heel a bit like on an acoustic...

I guess you save a bit of money on a thinner neck blank but end up working more time preparing the black in the end.

Thanks for confirming!