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Semi-hollow question

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How thick are the sides of a es175? Or any semi-hollow that’s had its innards routed out?

tv1 tv1 19/09/2023 7:46 pm

My *opinion* (@JamesBisset might have more expertise) is that the sides of a hollowbody (like the es175) will be just 2-3mm thick, usually laminated (compared to the similar thickness but solid wood sides of an acoustic).
The sides of a body that started life as a solid body but was then routed out, will generally be thicker as (1) you'd not really be able to get the sides to 2-3mm thick using a router and (2) the sides wouldn't then be strong enough (because you'd be cutting the grain multiple times with the router, whereas it stays intact when bending solid/laminates).

jamesbisset 19/09/2023 8:16 pm

@rathius The sides of the ES335 and ES175 are laminates, not part of a routed solid body. Full details in this video:



Would I be right in surmising that the 339, on the other hand. is a very routed solid body with a laminated top and back?

Rathius Topic starter 20/09/2023 2:42 am

I knew the 335 was made like that but thought the 175 was a routed out solid body. Sorry my mistake.

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There was a thread about this a while back. I think the general consensus was about 10mm for a routed out body.

Rathius Topic starter 20/09/2023 2:43 am

@robin thanks dude much appreciated