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Routing a truss rod channel in a laminated neck


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Evening all,  just contemplating a laminated neck on my current build when I saw an interesting throw away comment on another site regarding this.

Basically saying you should avoid having the edges of the truss rod channels being on or near the faces of the laminations?  Any thoughts on this?

I was planning on 6mm walnut, 6 mm mahogany and the 6mm walnut.  This would mean the Truss rod channel would remove the mahogany at the top face.

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I shouldn't worry about it - did they give any reason?

Measure twice, cut once...


I’d say that, as long as the quality of the joins are good - the wood is properly dry, jointed faces are properly clean, straight and scraped - and you’re using decent glue, it shouldn’t be an issue.  
And use plenty of clamps!

If you’re worried, change the dimensions a little, or use veneers to create a pinstripe effect.

What site was posting worry comments?

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Thanks for you comments. I can’t remember the site - I was researching glues.  And on the subject of glues, do you use different glues for the laminations and the fretboard? The reason I ask is that if i need to remove the fretboard at some point in the future with heat I don’t want the neck falling to bits.  

is that a fair concern or am I over thinking it...

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I would imagine it's not an issue.  The truss rod channel, while routed along the center laminate strip, is not the full depth of the strip, nor the full length, and with the fretboard glued on above, it should keep the strips from separating.



I wouldnt worry about it


You will be having a lot of other problems if this ends up being an issue. I'd work on the assumption that the fretboard will never have to come off, but just send a quick forum post if it does!