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OK, so....

I've got the Procrastination Blues and like the end of night 12bar jam in a loch-down (see what I did there?) north of the border - it has to end sometime!!

1) I've never done a glue joint Neck = Scary

2) Never done a carve top = Slightly Scary

3) Never done binding = Scary too

4) Never done Scarf Joint = not too scary having seen Marks Jig demo.


Ive got three of the late Chris Eccleshall models to choose from (His family kindly let me have all his router patterns when we cleared the workshop).

Which model do you guys prefer for first time carve top?

Ive got Brazilian Mahogany for back of body and Neck with some nice Walnut to bookmatch for top.

Rosewood/Purple Heart/Maple fretboards.

Which design grabs you?

20210205 215522


I like the middle one for a carve top.

Hate to agree with @boo, but it’s the middle one for me too.
I’ve “got a thing” for the double cutaways, although the 335 horns always look too flabby/rounded (the one on the left reminds me of 335].
I’ve got some “real” guitars, similar shape to the middle template, with carved tops. Some of my favourites.

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I’d go with the one on the left or in the middle but they all look a bit tight at the top frets to me. I like to use ‘em all and I don’t wanna fight the guitar, it’s gonna win anyway...

Pratice on scrap...



@eddie6string As far as the scarf joint is concerned, Mark’s video is great and I’ve made a neck using that method, there ain’t nothin to it man. But..... what is easier and is effectively the same thing is stacking (gluing) another bit of the same blank (an off-cut big enough) under where the angled headstock will be. You could also do the same with the heal if you were doing a set neck (where you need a deeper heal than for a bolt on neck). You then just carry on as normal as in Mark’s BYOEG Online course. Here is one I did using this method. 

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12C21E08 940E 4B2E 9757 199A8DD43DB7
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BA329637 E762 4913 B430 415DCF57120C
2C06FAD0 FD06 44AD BFFF 27E194C81610

Online guitar making courses –

Nicely done!

Few more pics.

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C571CF46 28CE 4B27 B9ED CA7E80547C7C
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Oh yeah, if you are going to try this method of scarfing, route your truss rod slot before you glue the stacks on, it’s much easier that way. Ask me how I know. 🤣


Middle with a carve


A lot of heel. Go as less as possible.