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First Bass Design  


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Hi everyone! 

I'm thinking of building a Bass and I just finished the drawing. Since it is my first time, I don't know if it is good or bad, so I'm asking for your opinion on it.

It is going to be a bolt on neck, and I want to use Walnut for the body and similar kind of European Hornbeam for Neck.





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Looks great! It is hard to come up with an original shape but I reckon you did it. What scale length are you going for?

Measure twice, cut once...

Dear Mark
I'm so glad that you liked it!
It is a 34 inch scale.


Looks good to me too Azad.

For some reason, bass designs often seem to be more adventurous than guitar designs.

Like the way that the top of the headstock reflects the line of the top of the body (ie the neck end).  Straight edges should make it easier to work too?

I think Mark has some old walnut knocking about in the workshop ...


Online guitar making courses –

Thanks TV 101
I found a good lump of walnut recently.
But I think I should make the body out of two pieces


Hi @azad. Looking good to me. Have you already chosen your tuners and bridge? 


🗝️ "Life's what you make it"🗝️

Hi Russ
So glad that you liked it!
Yes, I want to use Gotoh GB-707 tuners and Gotoh 201-B bridge.
I think they are good quality for the price.



Looks cool, go for it!

Is that a thumb rest above the strings?

I love Gotoh, they make great parts.

Pratice on scrap...

Yes! it is a thumb rest, since I want to go for a single pickup I think it will help, and I also like the look 😬