Buzzing from guitar wiring  


John L
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09/08/2019 2:30 pm  

I just thought I would mention something that has frustrated me up until I discovered what the problem was. I had wired a guitar up using  2 humbucker pickups, 1 Volume pot (cts), 1 3-way selector switch and a jack input socket. 

All seemed well when I checked the pickups using the screwdriver tap test but there was quite a load constant buzzing noise, very annoying. I checked and checked and checked and checked my wiring work and it was definitely correct. WTF?

I then thought, right, take a break!


As I turned off my soldering iron, the buzzing stopped instantly and all my wiring worked perfectly! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............??????

Watch the video for a demo.

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mark bailey
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10/08/2019 10:27 am  

Good catch- ? I find the flourescent lights above my benches have a similar effect...something to watch out for!

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07/09/2019 12:22 pm  

I was getting some really loud buzzing recently when I plugged my lovely new bass (    into a Focusrite audio interface. Really annoying. I checked the wiring, turned lights on and off, adjusted various gain settings....

...turns out it was a dodgy guitar lead.



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